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nvm for Windows

Manage node installations (downloads zip files).


Install-Module -Name power-nvm

First time install

If you don't have node yet on your machine you might want to execute

nvm install latest
nvm default latest


nvm default <Version>   # set version as default
nvm install <Version>   # install version
nvm ls [Filter]         # list installed versions
nvm ls-remote [Filter]  # list released versions
nvm setdir <Path>       # set NODE main dir
nvm uninstall <Version> # remove installation folder of a specific version
nvm use [Version]       # use NODE version (supports .nvmrc)

More help: nvm <command> -help


nvm ls
nvm ls 8
nvm ls 8.4
nvm ls 8.4.0
nvm ls v8.4.0
nvm ls v8

nvm ls-remote
nvm ls-remote 8
nvm ls-remote 8.4
nvm ls-remote 8.4.0
nvm ls-remote v8.4.0
nvm ls-remote v8

nvm install latest
nvm install 8
nvm install 8.4
nvm install 8.4.0
nvm install v8.4.0
nvm install v8

nvm default latest
nvm default 8
nvm default 8.4
nvm default 8.4.0
nvm default v8.4.0
nvm default v8

nvm setdir "C:\Program Files\nodejs"

nvm uninstall latest
nvm uninstall 8
nvm uninstall 8.4
nvm uninstall 8.4.0
nvm uninstall v8.4.0
nvm uninstall v8

nvm use # reads version from .nvmrc file
nvm use default
nvm use latest
nvm use 8
nvm use 8.4
nvm use 8.4.0
nvm use v8.4.0
nvm use v8

.nvmrc file example