C Lua C++ Makefile

LuaSec 0.6

LuaSec depends on OpenSSL, and integrates with LuaSocket to make it easy to add secure connections to any Lua applications or scripts.


This version includes:

  • Lua 5.2 and 5.3 compatibility

  • Context module:

    • Add ctx:checkkey()
  • SSL module:

    • Add conn:sni() and conn:getsniname()
  • Context options:

    • Add "any" protocol ("sslv23" is deprecated)
  • HTTPS module:

    • Using "any" protocol without SSLv2/SSLv3, by default
  • X509 module:

    • Human readable IP address
    • Add cert:issued()
    • Add cert:pubkey()
  • Some bug fixes

PS: 10th anniversary! Thanks to everyone who collaborate with LuaSec.