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The slides for a series of seminars on "classical" networking, presented to the quantum networking group at QuTech (Delft) in July 2019
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In July 2019 I gave a series of three seminars to the quantum networking team at QuTech.

QuTech is associciated with the Technical University of Delft (my alma mater) and does research and development in the field of quantum technologies.

The purpose of the seminars was to give the members of the quantum networking team an overview of classical networking, with a focus on layer 3 routing and traffic engineering.

Most of the members of the quantum networking team are PhD students or postdocs with a very strong background in quantum physics, quantum information, and quantum computing. The group includes both theorists and experimentalists. However, with a few exceptions, the members of the group had limited exposure to computure science and classical networking protocols.

This repository contains the presentation slides for the three seminars:

  • Classical networking introduction
  • Routing in the classical Internet
  • Classical traffic engineering

The slide are made available in both powerpoint format and PDF format under the "Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License" (see LICENSE file for details).

-- Bruno Rijsman (

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