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A web-based organizational tool for Dungeon Masters that play RPG games like Dungeons & Dragons. Dungeonomics allows DMs to create campaigns and link monsters and NPCs to their campaigns for easy access and readability.


Dungeonomics was created in an attempt to get rid of piles of papers that DMs have to manage when creating and maintaining a D&D campaign. We want to remove the process of focusing on a campaign, flipping to a monster stat-line to control a combat, flipping back to the campaign, interacting with players and constantly referencing or searching for different papers... It's all gone with Dungeonomics. Everything is on one computer screen, with quick access to assets like monsters and NPCs without losing focus on the main campaign.


Dungeonomics is a community tool made by DMs for DMs. Dungeonomics is a free tool to be used by the D&D/RPG community. In an effort to promote the use and growing functionality of Dungeonomics, the Dungeonomics code is open to contributors. Anyone is free to pull the Dungeonomics code and make their own code changes and submit them for approval. We want the community to not only provide us with feedback, but also have a direct influence on the site.

Dungeonomics is built with Django.

We welcome contributions. If you have any questions or want to talk to us about contributing, email us at


You can use this under GNU General Public License v3.0. See the LICENSE file for full details.