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Meta Tiger - Application For Metadatas Salesforce
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Project Meta Tiger - Application For Metadatas Salesforce

Author: Bruno Smith Lopes Ribeiro

This project is intended to make life easier for Salesforce developers by updating metadata that is changed or created in the sandbox's, and to help deploy to production environments by relating package.xml to the artifacts in the repository.

1 - Get All Package.xml

his feature serves to get a list of all metadata in your organization. They will be added in a package.xml in the MetaTiger directory called package.

2 - Generate Package With Files of Repository

This feature is for taking the files that are stored in your repository and preparing for deployment.

List of supported metadata:

 AppMenu  ApexClass  ApexTrigger  ApexComponent  ApexPage  CustomMetadata  CustomObject  CustomLabels  CustomField  DelegateGroup  EmailTemplate  Layout  PermissionSet  Profile  StaticResource  RemoteSiteSetting  EntitlementProcess  Flow  CustomObjectTranslation  FlowDefinition  Settings  ListView  ValidationRule  RecordType  MilestoneType  WebLink  Workflow  WorkflowRule  StandardValueSet  CustomTab  AssignmentRules  AuraDefinitionBundle  CompactLayout  CustomApplication  FlexiPage  Territory2Type  Territory2  Territory2Model  ContentAsset  SharingRules  BrandingSet  LightningExperienceTheme

3 - Retrieve Files in Package

This functionality serves to download the metadata mentioned in a package.xml just pass the organization and path that it will download in the package directory a zip file.

4 - Get All Package.xml With User Last Modified

This feature has a responsibility to take everything that has been changed by a user list in the sandbox or organization, adding a start and end date. A package.xml will be created in the MetaTiger root directory only with appropriate user changes.

This feature also takes metadata creations that were made by users.

5 - Get All Package.xml With User Created

You have a responsibility to get the metadata that was only created by users at that reference period.

6 - Deploy Package in Salesforce

This feature has the responsibility of deploying to any Salesforce environment, it allows various types of deploy's.

Configuration Meta Tiger

Install Visual Studio Code.
Install SDK do .NET Core 2.2 Download
Install the C # extension for the Visual Studio Code. To learn more about installing extensions in Visual Studio Code, check out the VS Code Extension Marketplace.

You can have more information on this link, how to install the dependencies before running the program:

In VisualCode using the terminal

Execute command --> dotNet run

Just select the options below and use the tool normally it will prompt you for the required information.

I hope it's useful!

🚨 CONHEÇA O META TIGER! ft. Bruno Ribeiro 🎥 | Canal Salesforce Brasil - Live

MetaTiger Live Brazil

In this Live I showed a little of the potential of MetaTiger, I hope you enjoy.

#metadata #metadataapi #metatiger #brunoslribeiro #salesforce

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