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ATENTION: SMRT-Godot has been abandoned

I have no time nor desire to keep supporting this extension so please, don't use it as it may not even work correctly when you find it. I suggest using the awesome dialogic.

The old REAME will be kept but this repo will be archived.

Consider making a donation to support my work:


SMRT-Godot: System for Multi Rethorical Texts for Godot is a dialog system with a fancy name. It is a port of a dialog system I made in Construct2. This is the very first system I created for my game in Godot, so it shows in the code, still I thought it was worth sharing it.

I'd really love to see any project or use that you made out of this awfully-coded piece, so don't hesitate to drop me a line or send me a link of your work.

What is SMRT-Godot?

See it in action

SMRT-Godot is a dialog system + editor created for my needs while making a game. It gives a new approach to multi-language support for the game/project, by using simple JSON for storing information that is interpreted by the dialog system.

It is also most likely responsive and resolution independent.


Needs Godot 3 or newer

[Godot's Website] (

On your project's root, create an "addons" folder

Copy the contents of /addons to your project's /addons folder

Open your project in Godot, go to Project Settings, click on the Plugins tab and enable SMRT

How does it work?

[See the wiki] (

Special Thanks

[tepidmonkey] (

@MarianoGnu for a lot of help while I coded, thanks a lot dude.

Licensed under MIT

Please, consider donating to support my work on other projects, thanks :)


SMRT-Godot - System for Multi Rethorical Texts for Godot is a dialog system with a fancy name







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