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Quick Fix Scout: Speculative Analysis of Eclipse Quick Fixes

Quick Fix Scout Plug-in improves Eclipse’s quick fix dialogs, so that they display not just a set of proposals, but also a prediction about what will happen if you apply each proposal. It also adds better proposals that Eclipse would not have displayed. This helps you to make better and faster decisions about the quick fix proposals.

The plug-in has two features:

  • Evaluator improves Eclipse’s quick fix dialog.
  • Observer collects data that is useful for my research without affecting your user experience.

Installation details.

Troubleshooting details.

QF screen shot

Requirements & Tested On

Eclipse 3.7.1, 3.7.2 Classic

Operating Systems: OSX Mountain Lion. Since this is a plug-in written in Java, it should be platform independent, however the plug-in is only tested on OSX. If you experience any issues in other operating systems, please submit a bug report.


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