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pyrmexplorer: GUI explorer for Remarkable tablets

Remarkable tablet

rMExplorer offers an intuitive interface to browse files and folders on your Remarkable tablet and to download contents. It communicates with the tablet's web server that is available when connecting the tablet to your computer with a USB cable.

rMExplorer main window

At the moment, the following features are available:

  • Browsing through the folders structure on the tablet.
  • Downloading single files, folders and all the contents as PDF files (generated by the tablet itself) or stacks of PNG images.

rMExplorer downloading



pyrmexplorer should run on many systems although it has only be tested on Windows 10 and Debian 9 (Stretch).

pyrmexplorer is written in Python 3. Therefore, make sure you have a working Python 3 environment. You can for example use Anaconda.

The program depends on the following Python packages:

  • PyQt5
  • Wand

If they are not installed already, you can install them for example with pip, by executing:

pip install pyqt5

pip install wand

Wand also requires Ghostscript (32-bit version) to be installed and to be in your PATH variable. For Windows, download and install it from here. Then run the Windows PowerShell from the start menu and execute

[Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable("Path", $env:Path + ";C:\Program Files (x86)\gs\gs9.26\bin\", [EnvironmentVariableTarget]::User)

(replacing "9.26" by the version you just installed).


Just download and extract the latest release on the releases page.

Using rMExplorer

Before starting rMExplorer for the first time, connect your tablet via USB and check that you can access its web interface by accessing the following page:

This should display the contents of the tablet in a browser. If not, check the following points:

  • Check that the tablet is started and not locked.
  • Check that the USB interface is enabled. On the tablet, go to rM\Storage and check that "Enable USB web interface (Beta)" is activated.
  • Check the IP address at which the tablet can be accessed. On the tablet, go to rM\About. In the column on the right that starts with "Copyright notices", scroll down to the bottom and check the IP address displayed. If it is not, try to access the address you obtained. If this works, you can launch rMExplorer and change the address in Devices\Settings.
  • On Unix systems, you may need to set up your computer IP address on the network interface created by plugging in the tablet. Type ip link show. This lists the available network interfaces. Among interfaces named as lo, eth0..., you should find one with a long name such as enp0s20u9u1. To activate the interface you found above, type ip link set dev enp0s20u9u1 up. Finally, set the computer's IP on this interface with ip addr add dev enp0s20u9u1.

Once you can access your tablet in a web browser, you can start rMExplorer by launching it by typing in a command prompt (in the pyrmexplorer folder), python rmexplorer.

Common issues

wand.exceptions.DelegateError: FailedToExecuteCommand `"gswin32c.exe"

If you get an error containing the text above (or similar) when exporting as PNG, it means that Wand cannot find your Ghostscript executable. Check out the install notes for how to install it.

Timeout when launching rMExplorer

Issue: When starting rMExplorer, the main window takes time to appear, and signals a timeout error, while not displaying the tablet contents.

Solution: Go through all the steps of the "Using rMExplorer" section.

Downloading big files on the tablet leads to timeout errors

Generating PDFs from files with a lot of text takes a while and is done by the tablet. When requesting such files, the tablet may not respond for a long time. In that case, increase the rMExplorer's timeout setting in Device\Settings.

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