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Library with supprt for the ENC424J600 chip
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This is a library for Arduino adding support for ENC424J600 chip.


2016/05/30: Initial release (alpha). Not considered production ready, but the TCP server and client work.
2016/10/05: Update for stability. Should work good enough, included a flood test program.
2018/08/26: Changes to support latest Arduino. Increased default buffer size to handle larger frames.


Download the latest release from github In the Arduino menu, find Sketch -> include Library -> Add .ZIP Library and select the downloaded file.


To test the board, you can set-up a test. Open up the TcpFloodtest example in Arduino and change the line IPAddress myIP(192,168,0,1); into the desired IP address. Download the source code from Github Compile the test executable in the source folder gcc ./UltratronicsEthernet/test/test.c -o test. Run the test code using:

./test [ip address]


In UIPEthernet.h uncomment:

In Enc424J600Network.h uncomment:
//#define ENC28J60DEBUG 1
//#define DEBUGSERIAL Serial
Set DEBUGSERIAL to the appropiate Serial (or SerialUSB)

Changing the MAC address

To change the MAC address from the default, you either need to change the UIP_ETHADDRx constants in uipethernet-conf.h and change the line uint8_t mac[6] = {0x00,0x01,0x02,0x03,0x04,0x05}; accordingly. Or in uipopt.h change #define UIP_FIXEDETHADDR 1 to #define UIP_FIXEDETHADDR 0, so you only have to edit the line uint8_t mac[6] = {0x00,0x01,0x02,0x03,0x04,0x05};.


This library is based on the work of many others. See for details.

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