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Q7Cam is a sample project to control the Q7 camera P2P WIFI. To make a new project you can use the following tutorial.

Start a new project

I create a new project with application name "Q7Camera". During the wizard i add a basic activity.

Import native libraries and sources

To control the camera you need the libraries at this link: Copy the previous library in the path "app/src/main/jniLibs/armeabi" of your project. The packages to import are x1.Studio.Core at and com.microembed.sccodec at

Edit the manifest

To use the native libraries you need to add the following permissions to the manifest:

Edit the activity layout

I add the following sv to the activity layout to show the camera:

Edit the activity source

To show the camera in an activity, it needs to implements the interfaces SurfaceHolder.Callback and IVideoDataCallBack, you can find an example here: