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A custom drawpile-srv image built for BrushDojo's Drawpile servers


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In order to work with this image, you will need Git, Docker, Docker Compose, and Drawpile.

Get Started

To get started, use git to clone this repository:

git clone

This command will automatically create a new folder in the current working directory called drawpile-srv.

Interact with and make changes to this directory's contents to build your own Drawpile server.


Configuring drawpile-srv

To configure drawpile-srv directly, make changes to its runtime arguments or to its configuration database.

Change the runtime arguments by setting a custom command in the docker-compose.yml file:

command: [
  # ...

Change the configuration database using SQLite or the server's built-in Web Admin API.

Configuring Session Templates

This image uses session templates to run customized drawing sessions on the Drawpile server.

What are Session Templates?

Session templates control how a Drawpile server creates and manages drawing sessions. The templates themselves are either session recordings (.dprec files) or hand-written .dptxt files.

Hand-written session templates use a special recording text format to represent how they affect a drawing session. This text format is quite complicated, but is easier to understand after viewing some examples.

To generate an example .dptxt file, use the dprectool binary that ships with Drawpile to convert a session recording (.dprec file) to a .dptxt file.

This repository's session templates are stored in the session-templates directory. During the build process, the contents of this directory are automatically copied into the image.

Edit the session templates in this directory to change how sessions behave on the server.

Configuring Secrets

This image uses the --web-admin-auth flag to supply a sensitive username and password combination to drawpile-srv.

These credentials are used by the drawpile-srv to guard against unprotected access of its Web Admin API.

At runtime, a secret located in secrets/web-admin-credentials is securely mounted into the container and read by drawpile-srv.

This secret is not backed to source control because it contains sensitive data -- it does not exist after cloning the repository. So, for this reason, the secret must be recreated locally.

Use the following command to recreate the secret:

mkdir secrets && echo "username:password" > secrets/web-admin-credentials

Substitute username:password with your desired username and password combination.


Before building this image, make sure it is fully configured! Read the #configuration section of this guide for more information.

To build this image, run the following command in the project root:

docker-compose build

This command will automatically build and tag the image as brushdojo/drawpile-srv.


To deploy this image, run the following command:

docker-compose up

This image can be run independently, or as part of a stack. Reference docker-compose.yml when attempting to integrate this image into a stack; it contains useful information about this image's dependencies.