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Ayaka Shindou

A feature-rich moderation bot for your Discord channels.


  • Live setting changes through commands
  • Settings per channel
  • Checks message edits
  • User whitelist
  • Slow mode
  • Removal of caps spam
  • Removal of links and invites
  • Word blacklist
  • Stop mention spam
  • Stop message repeating

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  1. Download and install the Dart VM for your OS.

  2. Run pub get in the root directory of the bot.

  3. Create an application with a bot user. (Note the token)

  4. Set up the config.toml file.

  5. Add your bot to a server using


  • Every channel that you want to moderate must be listed even if no settings are changed.
  • All fields are required in each setting.
  • As shown in the example file, settings can be overwritten per-channel.

The token given on the bot's application page (created above in step 3).


Used before commands to distinguish them from messages.


Users that can use commands


Users that the bot will not moderate. Mods are automatically included.


Restrict how many messages a user can send.
time Milliseconds between allowed messages (seconds * 1000).


Remove messages containing many consecutive caps.
threshold Max amount of consecutive caps to allow in a message.


Stop links and invites from being posted in chat.
invites_only Only delete discord invites, allow other links.
allow_non_embed Allow links wrapped in <> that don't show a preview.


Remove messages containing these words.


Remove messages containing many mentions.
threshold Number of mentions required to trigger this.
action What action to take. (delete, kick, ban)


Stop users from posting the same message multiple times.
ignore_case Treat "ABC" and "abc" the same.


Greet new members. (This setting is not available globally) message The message to send. {user} = their username. {mention} = mention them. {server} = the server's name


Command Args Example
!slow mode enable, on, disable, off, or the time between messages in ms !slow mode 5000
!slow mode enable
!whitelist Mention the users to whitelist !whitelist @Brussell @abalabahaha
!unwhitelist Mention the users to remove from the whitelist !unwhitelist @Brussell
!mod Mention the users to mod !mod @Brussell
!unmod Mention the users to unmod !unmod @Brussell
!caps removal enable, on, disable, off, or the threshold !caps removal 15
!caps removal enable
!mute Mention the users to mute !mute @Brussell
!unmute Mention the users to unmute !unmute @Brussell
!block links enable, on, disable, off, invites only to only delete invites, allow non-embeds to allow suppressed links !block links enable, allow non-embeds
!mentions spam enable, on, disable, off, number of mentions to trigger action, action to take (delete, kick, or ban) !mentions spam 10 ban
!repeat spam delete
!repeat spam enable, on, disable, off, ignore case to ignore case (ABC = abc) !repeat spam on ignore case
!repeat spam disable
!welcome disable, off, message to greet with !welcome Welcome to the server {user}!
!welcome disable