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A markdown parser for Discord messages.


yarn add discord-markdown
npm i discord-markdown

For browser use, import dist/discord-markdown.min.js

const { parser, htmlOutput, toHTML } = require('discord-markdown');

console.log(toHTML('This **is** a __test__'));
// => This <strong>is</strong> a <u>test</u>

Fenced codeblocks will include highlight.js tags and classes.


const { toHTML } = require('discord-markdown');
toHTML('This **is** a __test__', options);

options is an object with the following properties (all are optional):

  • embed: Boolean (default: false), if it should parse embed contents (rules are slightly different)
  • escapeHTML: Boolean (default: true), if it should escape HTML
  • discordOnly: Boolean (default: false), if it should only parse the discord-specific stuff
  • discordCallback: Object, callbacks used for discord parsing. Each receive an object with different properties, and are expected to return an HTML escaped string
    • user: (id: Number) User mentions "@someperson"
    • channel: (id: Number) Channel mentions "#somechannel"
    • role: (id: Number) Role mentions "@somerole"
    • everyone: () Everyone mention "@everyone"
    • here: () Here mention "@here"
  • cssModuleNames: Object, maps CSS class names to CSS module class names

Mention and Emoji Handling

Using the discordCallback option you can define custom functions to handle parsing mention and emoji content. You can use these to turn IDs into names.


const { toHTML } = require('discord-markdown');
toHTML('This is a mention for <@95286900801146880>', {
	discordCallback: {
		user: node => '@' + users[];
}); // -> This is a mention for @Brussell


It is possible to change the rules used by discord-markdown. Take a look at the code to see how to create your own modified rule set.


Find an inconsistency? File an issue or submit a pull request with the fix and updated test(s).