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Short and simple link shortening

s provides an easy way to set up a self-hosted link shortener on your server.

s uses a JavaScript Restify server for the back-end. The front-end is built with VueJS, and uses Vuetify for the UI.


s requires NodeJS to be installed. Version 8+ is recommended.

  1. Install the dependencies by running yarn or npm i --production
  2. Copy config/config.ex.js to config/config.js and edit the config to your needs
  3. Run s with yarn run or node ./server.js or pm2 ./pm2.json

Planned Features

Support for multiple databases

  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL

API Server

  • Restify server

    • Visit link
    • Shorten url
    • Delete link
    • Create account
    • Authenticate
    • Change password
    • Get links for user
    • Ratelimit
      • Custom ratelimiter that isn't garbage
  • Express re-write

    • Link routes
    • Authentication routes
    • Authentication handler
    • Rate-limiting with per-route options
    • Optional static file serving
  • Short id generator


  • Main functions
    • Shorten link
      • URL Validation
    • View links
    • Delete links
  • Accounts
    • Create
    • Log in
    • Change password
  • Error/failure display

Link analytics

  • Link visited
  • Created at
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