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🏢 An operating system inspired by brutalist design that combines the ideals of UNIX from the 1970s with modern technology and engineering


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Striking modernist shapes and bold use of modern C are the hallmarks of BRUTAL.
Inspired by brutalist design BRUTAL combines the ideals of UNIX from the 1970s
with modern technology and engineering.


codecov Build and Test (Ubuntu) Build and Test (Darwin)

  • BRUTAL is an operating system built from scratch in modern C.
  • BRUTAL is built on top of a capability based micro-kernel.
  • BRUTAL targets x86_64, i686, RISC-V and ARM.
  • BRUTAL exposes its features to developers through clean APIs.
  • BRUTAL features a rich and modern C library complete with fibers, custom allocators, generic data structures, and more...


BRUTAL running in QEMU 6.2

Build Instructions

BRUTAL is pretty easy to to build from source using GNUMake, NASM and LLVM.

See for more details.


Right now the main goal of brutal is to run doom.

See for more information on how we plan to get there and where you can contribute.


This project takes inspirations and/or reuse code from the following projects.



MIT License

The brutal operating system and its core components are licensed under the MIT License.

The full text of the license can be accessed via this link and is also included in the license file of this software package.