OpenWRT Deployment for MiTM Attacks on Public Wifi
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This project is being developed for a proof of concept only!
Use of this in real practice without proper authorization from users or network administrator is against the law.
Play Smart, Learn Smart.

Usage of this concept:
Deauthenicate users from legitimate network and connect them to rogue AP to remove client isolation.
SSLStrip against internal subnet for credential conpromise.
DNSSpoof against internal subnet for proxying responses to useful URLS.
Phishing Links setup on webservers housed on the router to deliver fake content to users.

Future piece of this project:
Add dynamic SSID naming via location-based wifi-probing. I.E. Probe for network with known SSID and clone router to be a rougue AP for that Public Network.
Integrate Nova( to allow for seamless transition of real users of the real AP to honeypots hosted on the real network, cloned to previous users connected(IP, MAC ADDRESS, Operating System).
Simultaneous mobile to desktop webpages for mobile clients connected to the rogue access point.

To fix:
Allow for either Vlan configuration to setup multiple webservers on different IP addresses internally or setup DNSSpoof to allow for a port-based "fakeip" option instead of strictly the IP address.

Programs Used:

Hwk 0.3.2(
-Deauthenticates clients off a given BSSID

SSLStrip 0.9(
-Transparent HTTP hijacker and HTTPS redirector

DNSChef 0.1(
-DNS Proxy for Penetration Testers

To Be Used:

Detects network based reconnaissance efforts and attempts to deny efforts, however in this case, it is used as an attack mechanism