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  • Add tips via PM


  • Finish logic for when a mention is found and we need to reply to the status if it's a tip. scraper.js:~502


  • Store encrypted message id (needs to be able to be decrypted to send messages).


  • Find out how to mark a message as read.
  • Formulate more sophisticated and "Doge-like" messages back to users.
    • Info message could use a better message reply.
  • Reply to public statuses, waiting on bug fix.
  • Reply to non-public statuses, this can be done by setting up authentication requests to the Facebook application and reading user statuses.


  • All requests to user data (mentions in particular) should eventually have &since=' + ( - 120000) + ' added to it where 120000 is the space between each request in the main.js timeout.
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