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My Salt states

These are the Salt states I use on my personal servers. Fully tested on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. They're useful for things such as:

  • Managing Salt itself
  • Running an IRC bouncer
  • Running a VPN
  • Running a private python package index
  • Running a PostgreSQL server with continuous archiving through WAL-E, PostGIS support
  • Running a relatively secured SSH server
  • Running a local DNS cache


  • On a bare ubuntu machine, create a $HOME/salt folder and clone this repo in it.

  • Create a $HOME/salt/salt.conf file with the following content:

    SALT_MASTER = <salt master IP>
    env.user = <your user>
    env.index_url = <your index url for pip>

    (env.index_url is optional if you're fine with using the canonical python package index).

  • Create a virtualenv and install Fabric and Jinja2 in it:

    cd $HOME/salt
    virtualenv env --system-site-packages
    env/bin/pip install Fabric Jinja2
  • Bootstrap the master:

    cd states
    ../env/bin/fab -H <master ip> enable_salt:master

And to create minions, set their hostnames and do:

../env/bin/fab -H <minion ip> enable_salt:minion


See salt/README.rst and all the state's README files.


3-clause BSD license, see the LICENSE file for details.