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Various classes which have common utility.
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Backbone-Common is a growing collection of common Backbone subclasses and utilities useful across projects to work with the AMD module format.

If you have useful subclasses or utilities of your own, please send a pull request.

A Few Notes

  • All of the modules must be written in CoffeeScript. This is mostly preference, but also to ensure consistent compiled JavaScript.
  • Each module must have a comment block at the top explaining the usage of the module including explaining any properties or methods that can be overriden to customize the behavior, if appropriate.
  • Modules should encapuslate classes/utilities that have a high chance of being used together. This includes Model/Collection pairs, View/CollectionView pairs, etc. See for an example of a model and collection that implements polling functionality.
  • Ensure modules are included in their respective top-level file. See #4 for details.
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