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TaskPaper Goodies


  • CycleDays - Any tasks tagged with tomorrow, today, yesterday, or backlog will be cycled to the next tag (in the order listed). Items tagged with backlog will remain as is. Tasks not tagged with any of the above will of course not be cycled.
  • MoveDoneTasksToEnd - Move all tasks in a project tagged with done or cancelled to the end of the list of tasks in that project.
  • TodayWithDescendents - Filters tasks (and descendants) tagged with today and yesterday
  • NowWithTimeLog - Tags the current entry with now with the current timestamp. Run it again on the entry and it will replace the now tag with a log tag with a pretty formatted time since the time the timestamp in the now tag. The functionality enables a workflow of marking a task as being worked on now and then when it's completed or no longer being worked on, it will be logged with the amount of time during that session.


  • Minimal
  • MinimalDark


  • - Utilizes the terminal-notify Ruby script to trigger an user notification (OS X 10.8+ only). I defined a cron job to run it every 30 minutes as a quick reminder to check on what I am doing. When you click on the notification it will open (or focus) TaskPaper.