.NET wrapper for snowcrash parser: https://github.com/apiaryio/snowcrash
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.NET wrapper for snowcrash parser: https://github.com/apiaryio/snowcrash

Fork note

This fork has been created with purpose of building it on AppVeyorn, autogenerate a nuget package and push it on the repository. Some modifications were necessary to fit my needs. Here is in particular what I have done and what I want to do.

  • Change the submodule to use public repository URL
  • Update the wrapper to the latest snowcrash version
  • Change configuration for Release version of DLL (it does not compile, actually)
  • Make it compile on AppVeyorn Build status
  • Find a way to make it AnyCPU compatible (side by side assembly loading, I think)
  • Create a nuget package and autopush on it (x86 only for now) Nuget counter
  • Can we do something to support Mono and Unix as well?
  • Remove various warnings due to a lot of deprecated stuff.
  • Run a code analisys on the entire project (removed disposable warnings)
  • Full managed implementation ?!