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Fork of the pyrfeed google reader api
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Google Reader API lib (unofficial)

This lib is a fork of pyrfeed


For documentation about the unofficial Google Reader API you can read GoogleReaderAPI

Quick Start

from GoogleReader import  CONST
from GoogleReader.reader import GoogleReader

gr = GoogleReader()
l = ('', 'mypassword')

#Example to subscribe to a new feed

#Get a feed with the Starred entries
xmlfeed = gr.get_feed(feed=CONST.ATOM_STATE_STARRED)

#Get a feed with unread entries of subscritions labeled "important"
xmlfeed = gr.get_feed(feed=CONST.ATOM_PREFIXE_LABEL + "important", 
                      exclude_target=CONST.ATOM_STATE_READ) #Excludes the Read entries ;)

#Using the JSON api to get more detailed info about items in the feed
#:- Just add the json=True
jsonstream = gr.get_feed(url='', json=True)
likes = jsonstream['items'][0]['likingUsers']

#The same examples as before seems to be working for the json api too
jsonstream2 = gr.get_feed(feed=CONST.ATOM_PREFIXE_LABEL + "important",
                          exclude_target=CONST.ATOM_STATE_READ, json=True)

You can also modify and run the GoogleReader.test() method to see if everything is running smoothly.

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