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Best friendly software libraries. In loving memory of Brutus

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  1. JSON Schema to HTML form generator, supporting dynamic subschemas (on the fly resolution). Extensible and customizable library with zero dependencies. Bootstrap add-ons provided

    JavaScript 412 131

  2. Self-describing JSON-RPC web services over HTTP, with automatic API description based on JSON-Schema

    Java 35 8

  3. An extensible java agent framework that instruments (modifies the bytecode at class loading time) programs running on the JVM, with the purpose of capturing method invocation events (start, finish,…

    Java 29 8

  4. A java library for creating standalone, portable, schema-full object databases supporting pagination and faceted search, and offering strong-typed and generic APIs. Built on top of Apache Lucene.

    Java 6 1

  5. Linux batch scheduler supporting job memory usage limits

    Java 6 2

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