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Import all your chromepasswords to iCloud
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AppleScript that will read a CSV file containing URL, username and password data and import this to iCloud KeyChain via Safari.

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Preparing credentials from Chrome

To use this tool you should manually export credentials from Google Chrome into .csv file. In the browser, switch to chrome://flags/#PasswordExport and enable option #PasswordExport.

Reload Chrome

Go to chrome://settings/passwords, click Other actions button, then click Export and save the .csv file in any convinient location

CSV Layout

Export in chrome and than run: For Dutch:

cat Chrome-wachtwoorden.csv | awk -F ',' '{print $2","$3","$4}' > passwords-prepared.csv

For English:

cat Chrome-Passwords.csv | awk -F ',' '{print $2","$3","$4}' > passwords-prepared.csv

Create a CSV without headers with data in the below order.


For example, import an entry for the user doggo at,doggo,secretbonepass

Accessibility Permissions

Script editor must be given permission under System Preferences - Security & Privacy - Accessibility to run. Ensure you remove this after you have finished running the script.

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