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🚍 Home Assistant custom sensor for finding Czech Public Transportation Connections
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hacs_badge CZ-Public-Transport Maintenance

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End of free API trial?

It looks like CHAPS made some change in December 2019, and the API does not work anymore without a valid userid (eventhoug the documentation states that userid parameter is optional). Let's wait what the future brings.

Czech Public Transport

The CZ-Public-Transport component is a Home Assistant custom sensor that finds Public Transport connections in the Czech Republic. It uses test version of CRWS - an REST API managed by CHAPS s.r.o. The test version is unfortunately limited to limited combinations of connections - ABCz, witch is PID (Pražská Integrovaná Doprava) without trains. The full version would require client ID, but CHAPS does not provide that to public as far as I know. I did write them an email about my intention to write this sensor, but they did not respond.

Overview (using standard picture-elements card - with the table in background image)

Connection detail (using markdown custom card, displayed as popup-card)

Table of Contents



  1. Download the latest release.
  2. Unpack the release and copy the custom_components/cz_pub_tran directory into the custom_components directory of your Home Assistant installation.
  3. Configure the cz_pub_tran sensor.
  4. Restart Home Assistant.


  1. Ensure that HACS is installed.
  2. Search for and install the "CZ Public Transport" integration.
  3. Configure the cz_pub_tran sensor.
  4. Restart Home Assistant.


There are 2 ways to configure the integration:

  1. Using Config Flow: in Configuration/Integrations click on the + button, select CZ Public Transport and configure the sensor (prefered). If you configure the integration using Config Flow, you can change the entity_name, name and change the sensor parameters from the Integrations configuration. The changes are instant and do not require HA restart.
  2. Using YAML: Add cz_pub_tran sensor in your configuration.yaml as per the example below:

Or you can use combination of both. The configuration of user_id, detail_format, scan_interval and force_refresh_period is currently possible only in YAML. To configure these, only add these paramaters and no sensors configuration, then configure sensors using Home Assistant GUI.

# Simple example of configuration.yaml (sensors will be named automatically)
    - origin: "Zbraslavské náměstí"
      destination: "Poliklinika Barrandov"
    - origin: "Cernosice, zel.zast."
      destination: "Florenc"

# Complex example of configuration.yaml
  user_id: <no idea where to get one>
  scan_interval: 120
  force_refresh_period: 0
  detail_format: HTML
    - name: "Zbraslav-Barrandov"
      origin: "Zbraslavské náměstí"
      destination: "Poliklinika Barrandov"
    - name: "Černošice-Florenc"
      origin: "Cernosice, zel.zast."
      destination: "Florenc"


Attribute Optional Description
cz_pub_tran No This is the platform name
user_id Yes ...if you have one (if you do, please let me know where you got it. Thanks!). Otherwise it will use the trial account.
scan_interval Yes The sensor refresh rate (seconds)
Default: 60
force_refresh_period Yes The sensor will skip update if there is already scheduled connection. But, every n-th refresh, it will force the update, to check delay changes. This can be disabled by setting this to 0.
Default: 5 Range: 0-60
description_format Yes The description attribute can be rendered in 2 different formats:
- text: plain text, each connection on 1 line (default)
- HTML: HTML table
name Yes Sensor friendly name.
Default: cz_pub_tran
origin No Name of the originating bus stop
destination No Name of the destination bus stop
combination_id Yes Name of the combination of timetables.
Default: ABCz



The next connection short description in format time (bus line). If there are line changes to be made, the status will only show the first connection (see attribute description for the complete plan)


Attribute Description
departure Departure time
line Bus line (1st one if there are more connections - for more look in the description)
connections List of the connections to take (or simply line number if this is a direct connection)
duration Trip duration
delay Dlayed connections (including the line number and the delay)
description Full description of the connections - each connection on 1 line, in the format
line time (bus stop to get-in) -> time (bus stop to get-off) (!!! delay if applicable),
or as a HTML table
detail A list of 2 connections. Each connection is a dictionary of values (see the example below)

SERVICE sensor.set_start_time

Set the time to start searching for connections

Attribute Description
entity_id ID of the sensor (e.g. sensor.bus_to_work)
start_time The starting time (e.g. '19:30'). Call the service without this parameter to remove the start time (search from the current time)

ADVANCED - parsing list description

From the detail attribute you can access the attributes of the individual connections (there are 2 connections)

You can display them like that this example (for sensor entity_id sensor.cz_pub_tran)

{{ states.sensor.cz_pub_tran.attributes["detail"][0] }}


[{'line': '241', 'depTime': '23:08', 'depStation': 'Zbraslavské náměstí', 'arrTime': '23:17', 'arrStation': 'Lihovar', 'delay': ''}, {'line': '5', 'depTime': '23:24', 'depStation': 'Lihovar', 'arrTime': '23:33', 'arrStation': 'Poliklinika Barrandov', 'delay': ''}]

Or you can parse them using scipt:

{% for index in [0,1] %}
Connection {{index+1}}
  {% for bus in states.sensor.cz_pub_tran.attributes["detail"][index] %}
    Line: {{ bus["line"] }}
    Departure time {{ bus["depTime"] }} from {{ bus["depStation"] }}
    Arrival time {{ bus["arrTime"] }} to {{ bus["arrStation"] }}
    {%- if bus["delay"] != "" %}
      Current delay {{ bus["delay"] }} min
    {% endif %}
  {% endfor %}
{% endfor %}


Connection 1
    Line: 129
    Departure time 22:48 from Zbraslavské náměstí
    Arrival time 22:57 to Lihovar
    Line: 5
    Departure time 23:04 from Lihovar
    Arrival time 23:13 to Poliklinika Barrandov

Connection 2
    Line: 241
    Departure time 23:08 from Zbraslavské náměstí
    Arrival time 23:17 to Lihovar
    Line: 5
    Departure time 23:24 from Lihovar
    Arrival time 23:33 to Poliklinika Barrandov
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