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Clojure library for accessing the Amazon AWIS API
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A Clojure library for the Amazon Alexa Web Information Services (AWIS) API. It's a very light wrapper around the API that returns the response XML as a parsed struct-map.


Up to date Leiningen and Maven configurations are on the Clojars page.

Some examples

(require '[clj-amazon-awis.core :as awis])

(def auth {:aws-access-key "YOUR ACCESS KEY" :aws-secret-key "YOUR SECRET KEY"})

(awis/url-info {:response-group "UsageStats" :url ""} auth)

(awis/traffic-history {:response-group "History" :url ""} auth)

(awis/category-browse {:response-group "Categories" :path "Top/Arts"} auth)

(awis/category-listings {:response-group "Listings" :path "Top/Arts"} auth)

(awis/sites-linking-in {:response-group "SitesLinkingIn" :url ""} auth)

The Amazon AWIS documentation is the best source for available options.

Also see the Marginalia docs.


Tests use Midje, so to run the test install the Leiningen plugin for midge and run lein midje.


Copyright (C) 2012 Bruz Marzolf

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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