A Cappuccino implementation of the front end for Clocky, a trivial time tracker
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Clocky Cappuccino Frontend

Clocky is a trivial web application that is being implemented using different client-side frameworks. This is the Cappuccino implementation. It requires the Clocky Rails Backend.

Running the Clocky Cappuccino Frontend

Install the Clocky Rails Backend as described at github.com/bruz/clocky-backend-rails/blob/master/README.rdoc. Make sure to run it on port 3000 (the Rails default) as that's what the Cappuccino app will expect.

Make sure you have the following prerequisites:

  • Ruby

  • RubyGems

  • The sinatra RubyGem (which will install additional gem dependencies)

  • The mongrel RubyGem, version >= 1.1.5 (earlier versions cause errors when communicating with the backend)

Once those are in place, simply do:

ruby server.rb

You should now be able to browse to localhost:4567 and see the application.

Why do I need all this Ruby stuff?

Although Cappuccino has no Ruby dependencies, the Clocky Cappuccino app needs to be able to access a Rails backend that is running on a different port. Due to same-origin policies in browsers this requires a workaround of either putting the Cappuccino app inside the Rails app public folder or running the Cappuccino app under a server that proxies requests for the Rails backend. I've chosen the latter method via a simple Sinatra setup so that I can keep the Rails backend and Cappuccino frontends separate.

Other Clocky frontend implementations