A SproutCore implementation of the front end for Clocky, a trivial time tracker
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Clocky SproutCore Frontend

Clocky is a trivial web application that is being implemented using different client-side frameworks. This is the SproutCore implementation. It requires the Clocky Rails Backend.

Running the Clocky SproutCore Frontend

Install the Clocky Rails Backend as described in its README.rdoc on github. Make sure to run it on port 3000 (the Rails default) as that's what the SproutCore app will expect.

Make sure you have the following prerequisites:

  • Ruby

  • RubyGems

  • The sproutcore RubyGem (which will install additional gem dependencies)

Once those are in place, simply run this in the applications root folder:


You should now be able to browse to localhost:4020/clocky and see the application.

Other Clocky frontend implementations