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SproutCore API Documentation Viewer

See it already in action

If you want to use the viewer and don't need to run it locally, see bruz.github.com/sc-docs.

Building the documentation indexes and running the viewer

Make sure you have the following prerequisites:

  • Ruby

  • RubyGems

  • SproutCore's gem dependecies (the easier way to get these is to 'gem install sproutcore')

  • Java (for JsDoc)

Before running the viewer, you'll need to build the documentation indexes. First grab a customized version of Abbot (SproutCore's build tools):

git clone git://github.com/bmarzolf/sproutcore-abbot.git bruz-sproutcore-abbot
mkdir bruz-sproutcore-abbot/frameworks
git clone git://github.com/sproutit/sproutcore.git bruz-sproutcore-abbot/frameworks/sproutcore

Then you can check out the viewer and build the docs:

git clone git://github.com/bmarzolf/sproutcore-api-viewer.git
cd sproutcore-api-viewer
ruby ../bruz-sproutcore-abbot/bin/sc-docs sproutcore

This may take a while, and will generate the docs under tmp/docs. When that's done, run:

ruby ../bruz-sproutcore-abbot/bin/sc-server

You should now be able to open the viewer at localhost:4020/docs.

Building and deploying the viewer

Once built, the viewer can be deployed to any common web server capable of serving static files (or even GitHub Pages).

Before building the app, first set up the customized Abbot and build the view docs as described above. If you have your web server pointed at /var/www as the document root, you would build and deploy as follows:

ruby ../bruz-sproutcore-abbot/bin/sc-build
cp -r tmp/docs tmp/build/sc-docs/static tmp/build/sc-docs/static/docs/en/*/index.html /var/www/sc-docs

That's it!

Future possibilities

Although the viewer currently serves my needs, here are some desirable features that could be added in the future:

  • Choose between different apps/frameworks under tmp/docs

  • (Variation on above) Choose between different versions of sproutcore

  • Allow building of docs from the app (as originally envisioned for the SproutCore docs viewer)