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#!/usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8
Compiles per V:J stats and fold changes between samples.
import sys
import itertools
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
def scale_factors(df):
median = np.median(df.sum(0))
factors = {}
for name, total in df.sum(0).iteritems():
if total == median:
factors[name] = 1.
factors[name] = median / total
return factors
def fold_change(a, b, counts):
if counts[a] > counts[b]:
return np.divide(counts[a], counts[b])
return np.divide(counts[b], counts[a])
def main(args):
# build the dataframe
meta_df = pd.DataFrame()
usecols = ["v_region", "j_region", "reads"]
index = ["v_region", "j_region"]
names = args.names.split(",")
for name, file in itertools.izip(names, args.meta_files):
print >> sys.stderr, ">> reading sample %s: %s" % (name, file)
if meta_df.empty:
# read into dataframe
meta_df =, usecols=usecols)
# sum v and j regions in pivot table because v_region is not unique
meta_df = pd.pivot_table(meta_df, values="reads", rows=index, aggfunc=np.sum)
# convert summed data back into dataframe indexed on v and j
meta_df = meta_df.reset_index().set_index(index)
# rename "reads" to sample name
meta_df = meta_df.rename(columns={"reads":name})
# same as above but we have to join to existing
temp =, usecols=usecols)
temp = pd.pivot_table(temp, values="reads", rows=index, aggfunc=np.sum)
temp = temp.reset_index().set_index(index)
temp = temp.rename(columns={"reads":name})
# append the column onto table
meta_df = meta_df.join(temp)
# scale the data to total read counts per sample
factors = scale_factors(meta_df)
for name, factor in factors.iteritems():
print >> sys.stderr, ">> sample %s scaling factor: %f" % (name, factor)
meta_df[name] = meta_df[name] * factor
# reset the index to simplify adding fold change to dataframe
meta_df = meta_df.reset_index()
# adding fold change columns
for k, counts in meta_df.iterrows():
for (a, b) in itertools.combinations(names, 2):
pair = "fold_change(%s:%s)" % (a, b)
# add fold change into dataframe as larger / smaller
meta_df[pair][int(k)] = fold_change(a, b, counts)
except KeyError:
# create the column
meta_df[pair] = np.nan
meta_df[pair][int(k)] = fold_change(a, b, counts)
meta_df.to_csv(sys.stdout, sep="\t", na_rep="NaN", index=False)
if __name__ == '__main__':
import argparse
p = argparse.ArgumentParser(description=__doc__,
help="comma delimited list of sample names defining the metadata files")
p.add_argument("meta_files", nargs="+",
help="metadata of the samples to compare")
args = p.parse_args()