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@bryal bryal released this Jan 10, 2020 · 28 commits to master since this release

  • String literals may be used as patterns, which generates to
    string-equality tests with the matchee.
  • Uninhabited types may be pattern matched on, which is absurd and can
    be used to imply anything.
  • Character literals are removed, as there is not actually any good
    canonical definition of what a character should be. Is it a
    codepoint? An ASCII byte? A grapheme cluster? To avoid ambiguity and
    possible confusion I simply removed it completely.
  • undefined now panics instead of recursing until stack-overflow.
  • Various updates to the standard library.
  • Environment variables of library path to search for core in, and
    module path to search for modules in are now read at runtime instead
    of when Carth is compiled. This is more dynamic, and will probably
    play better with Guix in the future.
  • Change license to AGPL version 3 or later
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@bryal bryal released this Jan 7, 2020 · 47 commits to master since this release

Make runnable on others systems

Remove hardcoded paths & make the build procedure more general with a
Makefile with configurable variables. Now anyone can simple clone the
repo and run make install to get a properly built and working carth!

Add basic import system

Very rudimentary. Not much more fancy than C-style copy-paste include.

E.g. (import std) where std.carth or is either in the same
directory as the file being compiled, or in the global module directory,
which is set when compiling Carth and defaults to ~/.carth/mod.

Reimplement foreign-core lib in Rust

Also add a bunch of functions to it, like -str-append,
display-inline, add-int, -panic, and more.

Link with foreign definitions using the extern special form

E.g. (extern -panic (Fun Str Unit))

Implement C calling convention

Carth functions now follow the C calling convention, passing things by
reference and returning via register when appropriate, etc. Interfacing
with foreign C/Rust/etc code is now almost trivial!

According to ABI, bools are now i8 instead of i1.

Remove interpreter

Not much point in keeping it, since it's not compatible with FFI as-is.
Maybe we'll reimplement it based on LLVM JIT at some point.

Allow irrefutable patterns as function parameters

E.g. (define (fst (Pair a _)) a)

Add more primitive integral types

Nat8, Nat16, Nat32, Nat, Int8, Int16, Int32.

Add Box

Like the old Ptr, but smarter. Also add the special form box put a
value on the heap, and deref to dereference a box.

Also allow Box as a special kind of destructor in patterns. Works as
you'd intuitively expect, and dereferences behind the scenes.

Add some builtin datatypes

In Carth syntax:

(type (Array a) (Array (Box a) Nat))
(type Str (Str (Array Nat8)))
(type (Pair a b) (Pair a b))

Generate strings as newly added datatype Str

Scale datatype tag size by the number of variants

  • 1 variant => no tag,
  • 1 to 256 variants => 8-bit tag,
  • 257 to 65536 variants => 16-bit tag,
  • etc.

Check that datatype definitions are not recursive without indirection

Allow wildcards in patterns

They were treated as variables of name _ before, but duplicate
variable pattern bindings are not allowed!

Allow integer and boolean literals in patterns

Generated better and more readable LLVM

  • More readable name-mangling.
  • Perform beta-reduction.
  • Other minor improvements that add up!

Rename the user-defined entry-point function main to start

Otherwise we have two mains, and it got messy. Now the
codegenerator generates an "outer" main which does some stuff, and
the user defines start.

Remove tail modifiers in codegen

I thought just marking a call as tail would do no harm if the call was
not in tail recursion, but it did!

Implement sizeof ourselves!

The previous method that ran in the EncodeAST monad was messy and
stopped working when I needed mfix for a cyclic binding.

Verify LLVM module before compiling to catch more errors

No longer allow square brackets in place of parentheses

Various bugfixes

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Oct 30, 2019
Trying out releases -- this is the first one, more or less. Everythin…
…g has been in such heavy development until now (and still is really, but it has calmed down slightly), so this feels like the first appropriate moment to make a release.

Nothing is ready to use yet, of course, but many of the core components are here. We have parsing with megaparsec, Hindley-Milner typechecking, algebraic datatype definitions and pattern matching with exhaustiveness and redundancy checking, closures, interpretation, and LLVM code generation.

Next up is modules, typeclasses, etc etc.
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