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A personal project to make my life easier, and have fun with Laravel & VueJS.
Included components:
Laravel · VueJS · Bootstrap · jQuery · Barryvdh\SnappyPdf

Phase 1: A resume CMS [done]

Creates a responsive resume website, that when pressing "print" turns the website into a PDF automatically. Your resume will always be up to date, and easy to update. The back end includes the ability to generate shortlinks to be used on your resume/portfolio, letting you know when users clicked through links on your resume.

Phase 2: A back end invoicing home base

Invoice systems today are expensive, and using spreadsheets gets old and hard to organize while being dynamic. Pulling all the data together is a very manual process. But with this I will be able to do it all in one place, email clients automatically, etc.

Feel free to branch out and improve. Let me know - I know this can be improved in many ways.

Bryan James Bassett


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