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After Dark in CSS

Flying Toasters in CSS

Do you longingly reminisce about the days when flying toasters graced your screen? Do words like "Confetti Factory" and "Daredevil Dan" make your heart skip a beat?

If so, then never fear—CSS is here! Using modern CSS techniques like animations and transforms, we can imitate several of your favorite After Dark™ screensavers.

The animations were made with CSS alone. No animated gifs or JavaScript.

See them here!


Just for fun.

Thanks to:

Jonathon Sampson, Keith Clark, Rob Glazebrook, Ryan Justice and others for posting tutorials & demos on CSS animations. N. Landsteiner, David Donarumo, and Lazy Game Reviews for online preservation of what the original screensavers looked like. Robin Casady for the Public Domain ChicagoFLF font. The original screensavers and artwork are © 1989 Berkeley Systems Inc.


Recreating After Dark screensavers in CSS.


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