A simple twitter bot that retweets the contents of a twitter list.
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Twitter Listbot

This is a simple twitter bot, designed to retweet the contents of a twitter list.

This implementation tweets for @StoriesInData.

Setup Your Own

  1. Install node.js & npm (if you haven't already).
  2. Download this repo with git clone git@github.com:bryanbraun/twitter-listbot.git.
  3. Run npm install to download dependencies.
  4. Open index.js and replace the values in the config object with your own.
  5. Create a twitter application, grant it the necessary access, and generate your tokens/keys.
  6. Deploy the bot to heroku (you can use these instructions as a guide).

For detailed setup instructions, see my blog post: How to Set Up a Simple Javascript Twitter Bot


Twitter Listbot is written in node.js and based on Sugendran's node-retweeter.