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=== ABOUT ===
A single web page to represent A2PM.

=== GOALS ===
* Really easy to maintain
* Easy to find information
* No fluff

=== TO DO ===
[x] Add old meetings (with slides)
[ ] Embed Google calendar
[ ] Clean up HTML (cruft)
[ ] Clean up CSS (cruft)
[ ] Automate deployment of site when committed to GitHub
[ ] Adaptive design so mobile/other device friendly
[ ] Work on better design
[ ] Typography
[ ] "Return to Top" links
[ ] Smooth transition when click skip links
[ ] Add some graphics/icons (Perl 5, what else?) 
[ ] Make better redirect page for annarbor.pm.org (something simple and colorful stating being redirected to a2perl.org, with three-second redirect)
[ ] Browser testing