An HTTP server that plays MIDI notes. Three shell scripts that play major, minor and chromatic scales.
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Starts an HTTP MIDI server that queues requests and plays notes.

Author: Bryan Smith

========= HOW START THE SERVER =========
To run:
> java -jar MidiHTTPServer.jar [options]

To view options:
> java -jar MidiHTTPServer.jar --help

========= HOW TO PLAY NOTES =========
To play a note, point your browser (or any other client that can issue HTTP requests) using a URL with the following form:[port]/tone=[tone]&duration=[duration]

  - port: The port the server is bound to. Unless you changed this, it's 1500.
  - tone: Cb,C,Cs,Db,D,Ds,Eb,E,Fb,F,Fs,Gb,G,Gs,Ab,A,As,Bb,B
  - duration: number of milliseconds. E.g., 1 second => 1000

There are a few shell scripts that play some scales. If they do not work for you, make sure you set permissions:

chmod +x *.sh

If still doesn't work, make sure you have the unix tool, curl. You can always change the scripts to use whatever apps you want.