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a flexible and lightweight script for screenshot info
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envee is a light bash script inspired by archey and screenFetch. It currently can display 4 different Arch Linux ASCII logos, along with information about the system.


AUR: Or clone!


usage: envee [option]

 general options:
   -h, --help                  print this help message and exit
   -v, --version               print version info and exit

 art options:
   -A, --Art=ARTOPT            change the ASCII art
   --gallery                   display all possible ASCII art choices

 color options:
   -a, --art-color=COLOR       change the art color
   -l, --label-color=COLOR     change the label color
   -d, --data-color=COLOR      change the data color

 color choices:
   red, green, yellow, blue, magenta, cyan, white

 variable options:
   -s, --set VAR=VALUE         define new or existing variable

 variable choices:
   host, shell, editor, kernel, cpu, explicit, foreign, term, other

   envee -a white -l blue -d white -s WM=dwm
   envee --art-color=magenta --set shell=zsh
   envee --set host=modula-1 --set editor=vim
   envee --Art=poison --art-color=green --label-color=white --data-color=red

The Gallery

To preview all of the different logos, use envee --gallery


to declare a new label and correspoding value, use the --set option:

envee --set WM=dwm

The --set option must be used once for each label. Existing label's values can be changed:

envee --set shell=/bin/fish

When referencing existing labels, they can be set using either uppercase or lowercase:

--set EDITOR=vim

is equivalent to

--set editor=vim


envee can be called with a combination of both short and long options, and each color can be named by using its first letter The following examples are all equivalent.

-d magenta
-d m

Sample Output


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