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Laravel intergration to Lagoon
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This package provides a simple way to run a Laravel app on the wonderful Lagoon infrastructure.

The package consists of a few components:

  • Several Dockerfiles to run a basic Laravel app
  • A set of default configuration overrides for the containers
  • A console command that dumps the database stanza to enable a connection to the Lagoon database container
  • A console command that will update your .lagoon.yml and docker-compose.yml with a project name you provide
  • A service provider which
    • Makes the Dockerfiles, the configuration files, and severl supporting files publishable
    • Looks for a Lagoon environment and overloads an environment specific config file if found


This package is supported on Laravel 5.5 and above.

It is assumed that you have's Lagoon requirements already installed. See for details.

It is assumed that you have a Laravel app already running.


composer require bryangruneberg/laragoon


To publish the laragoon configuration run: php artisan vendor:publish --tag=laragoon-config

To publish the laragoon database configuration run: php artisan vendor:publish --tag=laragoon-db-config. But be careful, the /config/database.php that comes with Laravel will prevent the laragoon configuration from writing. You can choose to force the operation by appending the --force option to the command. Alternatively run php artisan laragoon:db-config to have a database stanza outputted to the console.

To publish Docker and Lagoon files for php-7.1 run: php artisan vendor:publish --tag=laragoon-lagoon-php-7.1

To publish Docker and Lagoon files for php-7.2 run: php artisan vendor:publish --tag=laragoon-lagoon-php-7.2

To publish helpful artisan scripts run: php artisan vendor:publish --tag=laragoon-scripts

Finally, to set your Lagoon project name, run php artisan laragoon:set-project-name and follow the prompts.

You can go ahead and customize the Dockerfiles, .lagoon.yml, and docker-compose.yml. If you want to retrieve the original files, you can rerun the vendor:publish commands, appending the --force option to force an overwrite.


Once configured, you can run docker-compose build to have docker-compose build your environment. Once built you can run docker-compose up to have the environment spin up. Append the -d flag to have the containers run in the background.

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