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Bootstrap Prototype Boilerplate

This repo can be forked to create quick HTML prototypes using Twitter Bootstrap. It uses Ant to compile the CoffeeScript and Less CSS files down to minified and combined files.

Use POW for a quick local server without having to mess with your hosts file or Apache configs.

This is intended to help with creating quick static html files only.


  1. You will need to install NodeJS for the build tools to work properly.
  2. Install POW (run curl | sh) and symlink the root directory of your app:
    • cd ~/.pow
    • ln -s /path/to/myapp
    • Go to (or whatever you named the symlink)
  3. Update the first line (path.root) of /tools/ to include the path of your app.
  4. Make the build script executable by running the following command from the root of your app:
    • chmod +x ./tools/

Build Options

From the root directory of your app, execute ./tools/ to run a full build (compile all assets and increment the version number).

Take a look at the ./tools/build.xml file for a list of targets. A few examples are:

  • ./tools/ compile-less to compile your Less files into CSS
  • ./tools/ combine-javascript to compile your CoffeeScript files down to JavaScript and combine them into one file in the /public directory.

Suggested Structure

Place your custom Less CSS files in the /lib/less directory and they will be compiled to CSS and combined automatically with the compile-less build task.

Place your custom CoffeeScript files in the /lib/coffee directory, and they will be compiled and combined/minified automatically by the combine-javascript task.

Anything you place in the /lib/js directory will be automatically combined with the other javascript and CoffeeScript files, but will be processed before any other Bootstrap or CoffeeScript files.

When you use POW, everything is served out of the /public directory, so place your static HTML files there as well as any other static files or images that don't need to be compiled as part of the build process.