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Django-fields is an application which includes different kinds of models fields.

Right now, the application contains these fields with encryption support:

  • EncryptedCharField
  • EncryptedDateField
  • EncryptedDateTimeField
  • EncryptedEmailField
  • EncryptedFileField
  • EncryptedFloatField
  • EncryptedIntField
  • EncryptedLongField
  • EncryptedTextField
  • EncryptedUSPhoneNumberField

They are each used in a similar fashion to their native, non-encrypted counterparts.

One thing to remember is .filter(), .order_by(), etc... methods on a queryset will not work due to the text being encrypted in the database. Any filtering, sorting, etc... on encrypted fields will need to be done in memory.


This application depends on python-crypto, which can be found in many Linux repositories, or downloaded from

Under Ubuntu, just do:

sudo apt-get install python-crypto


Examples can be found at the examples directory. Look at

Also check out the doc strings for various special use cases (especially EncryptedFileField).


  • zbyte64 — thanks to for his django snippet for encrypted fields. After some fixes, this snippet works as supposed.
  • John Morrissey — for fixing bug in PickleField.
  • Joe Jasinski — different fixes and new fields for encrypted email and US Phone.
  • Colin MacDonald — for many encrypted fields added.
  • Igor Davydenko — PickleField.
  • Bryan Helmig — encrypted file field.