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This is a plugin for Vanilla forums. It provides Javascript/JQuery and CSS customization to a Vanilla forum's content without changing the Vanilla Core.
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Allows for safe forum customization using CSS, Javascript and JQuery.

This plugin offers a blank .js file for your custom Javascript/JQuery, as well as a blank .css file for your customized CSS. This allows you to modify your Vanilla forum safely, without touching the Vanilla Core files. This will make upgrading to newer versions of Vanilla without losing your customizations a breeze - just copy over the plugin and make sure it's enabled.

Note that it's also theme-independent, so using this plugin can add the same customizations to more than one theme, which can be helpful after upgrading to never versions of vanilla without needing to adjust the same theme.

It also allows you to enter a string of whatever you like within the head tags of your forum's HTML code. There you can add anything such as additional .js or .css files, or a Google Analytics script.

Feel free to offer your own contributions to this plugin.

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