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Make sure Java is installed

java --request

Make sure Xcode and Command Line Tools are installed

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSkL"
brew install git tig ctags macvim rbenv ruby-build tmux s3cmd node scala gpg


List ruby versions available with rbenv install -l. Recommend installing the latest patch of 1.9.2 and 1.9.3.

Get dotfiles

mkdir -p ~/Documents/code && cd ~/Documents/code
git clone git://
git submodule init
git submodule update


echo "source \$HOME/Documents/code/dotconfig/config/bash_login" > ~/.bash_login


ln -s $HOME/Documents/code/dotconfig/vim ~/.vim
echo "source ~/.vim/vimrc" > ~/.vimrc
echo "source ~/.vim/gvimrc" > ~/.gvimrc


echo "[include]" > ~/.gitconfig
echo "  path = Documents/code/dotconfig/config/gitconfig" >> ~/.gitconfig
cp ~/Documents/code/dotconfig/config/gitignore ~/.gitignore

offlineimap and company

Make it possible to read mail locally and offline from the terminal (or anything supporting Maildir). Open up the 'Keychain Access' app and add the entries for IMAP and SMTP servers referenced in config/offlineimap/offlineimaprc and config/msmtprc. IMAP entries have should have a 'where' of; SMTP entries should have a 'where' of smtp:// See Steve Losh's the Homely Mutt, specifically the section on Retrieving Passwords for more information about seeting this up.

brew install lynx msmtp mutt notmuch offline-imap contacts openssl
ln -s ~/Documents/code/dotconfig/config/mutt ~/.mutt
ln -s ~/Documents/code/dotconfig/config/offlineimap ~/.offlineimap
ln -s ~/Documents/code/dotconfig/config/msmtprc ~/.msmtprc
ln -s ~/Documents/code/dotconfig/config/offlineimap/offlineimaprc ~/.offlineimaprc
ln -s ~/Documents/code/dotconfig/certs/ca-bundle.crt /Volumes/Mail/ca-bundle.crt
cp ~/Documents/code/dotconfig/config/notmuch-config ~/.notmuch-config

Make sure to edit ~/.notmuch-config for the correct database.path config value.

Certificate Authority

certs/ca-bundle.crt comes from bagder/ca-bundle and can be used as a certificate authority trust file. The bundle is linked from the curl project. The certs are extracted fromt he Mozilla CA bundle and converted to PEM using from the curl repository.

Link other dotfiles

ln -s ~/Documents/code/dotconfig/config/rtorrent.rc ~/.rtorrent.rc
ln -s ~/Documents/code/dotconfig/config/screenrc ~/.screenrc
ln -s ~/Documents/code/dotconfig/config/tmux.conf ~/.tmux.conf
ln -s ~/Documents/code/dotconfig/config/tigrc ~/.tigrc

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