Some classes and utilities built on top of MooTools
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Plugins for MooTools

This is a space to keep some various utilities and plugins I've written or helped write based on the mootools-core. They are not fully supported or even fully tested at this point but I needed a place to put them while I ported them from 1.11 (in some cases) and 1.2b (in most cases).


I'm including at the root of this project the files I will be using to display my markdown documentation.

  • Docs/.htaccess - Contains the apache mod_rewrite rules being used to send files through the php file which is calling the markdown engine
  • Docs/markup.php - Basic shell for calling the Markdown text processor
  • Docs/markdown.php - Slightly modified version of PHP Markdown Extra


The Demos folder contains a copy of the mootools-core 1.2 yuicompressed for use by the demo files. When it's available I'll change the demos to use a file hosted by Google but for now this'll have to do.

Additionally I plan to create some sort of useful demos section on my website but this is all down the road. If only I could do this full time rather than having a job.


The Specs folder contains the Assets folder from mootools-core as well as an uncompressed official release from download.


The first of a number of Classes I built to extend MooTools. This is a fairly simplistic class whose primary function is to center elements on a page.