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sbt-plugins represents a couple of pieces of functionality I found common in a couple Simple Build Tool (sbt) projects and extracted into plugins.


  • Adds def webappClassesDirectory — default is (webappPath / “WEB-INF” / “classes”)
  • Adds def webappLibDirectory — default is (webappPath / “WEB-INF” / “lib”)
  • Adds clean-webapp task which deletes everything under webappClassesDirectory and all .jar files under webappLibDirectory


  • Adds def repositoryPath — default is (“.” / “repository”)
  • Adds clean-repository task which deletes repository directory and everything under it


  • Adds method to recursively delete a directory (def deleteDirectory)


  • Adds optional less.compiler property which provides the command used to invoke the less compiler — default is “lessc”
  • Adds def lessFiles — default is (webappPath * ".less")
  • Adds less-compile task which compiles the .less files to .css files
  • Overrides webappResources to remove lessFiles from the PathFinder
  • Overrides prepareWebappAction to depend on less-compile task