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* UUID - Unique Universal IDentifier

Services in General

These are all from the application root. For example if the wknyc application
is running under the wknyc context ( then the full
URL of a reference to /example/list would be

Template locations are not finalized but service locations should be. In either
case I'll do my best to keep this document up to date.

Services for Users


To register a basic user (essentially just credentials, no other information)
go to /user/register and fill out the form.

Template is bin/templates/register.vm


To login go to /user/login and fill out the form with a registered user.

Template is bin/templates/login.vm

*NOTE:* Remember if you're using jetty-run registered users are reset every
time the application is reloaded.

List Users

/user/list/json Lists basic user information.

Template is bin/templates/user/list.json.vm

Services for Clients

List Clients

This service is currently implemented in HTML format. The path is
/client/list/html and the template is bin/templates/client/client-list.vm

For JSON format the path is /client/list/json and the template is

Add Client

Implemented as a basic HTML form. A form POSTed to /client/ with a name parameter
will create a new Client with the given value.

Template is bin/templates/client/client.vm

*NOTE:* User must be logged in to use this service.

Edit Client

Implemented as a basic HTML form. To get data for a Client performa GET request
on /client/edit/{uuid} where {uuid} is replaced with a Client's UUID. This will
show the basic Add Client form with pre-populated data. To edit the Client send
a POST request to /client with a "uuid" parameter being the same as the uuid
used to fetch data and it will update the Client represented by that id.

*NOTE:* User must be logged in to use this service.

Delete Client

*Not Implemented* Does it need to be?

Services for Case Study

List Case Studies

GET request for /casestudy/list/json provides a JSON list of saved Case Study

Template is bin/templates/casestudy/list.json.vm

Add Basic Case Study

GET request for /casestudy shows a basic HTML form to add a simple Case Study.
Clients for this are listed from the CMS. At least one Client must exist for
this to work. Must be logged in to create a Case Study.

Template is bin/templates/client/caseStudy-basic.vm

Edit Case Study

/casestudy/{uuid} where {uuid} is replaced with a Case Study's UUID. Shows the
Add Case Study form with pre-populated data. To edit the Case Study send POST
with uuid parameter containing valid uuid, other data in form will overwrite
existing data.

Template is bin/templates/client/caseStudy-basic.vm

*NOTE:* Still working on editing Case Study based on role and uploading assets
associated with a Case Study.