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This is a bare Hobo app with omniauth
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This is a bare Hobo app that has VERY rudimentary OmniAuth support.

For more information on OmniAuth, see

The implementation here is partially based on the OmniAuth tutorial at

To use this application with Twitter authentication:

1) Sign up for a Twitter account.

2) Register your application with Twitter at
   NOTE: When you register your application, it appears necessary to have to 
   specify a Callback URL after indicating you are registering a "Browser"
   application on the application settings page of your Twitter development
   account. Assuming you specify an Application Website such as, you can specify the Callback URL as
   the same address, but it will not be used since OmniAuth controls the 
   callback. The setting in Twitter just seems to keep your registration as
   a "Browser" registration. Without the Callback URL set, the registration
   seems to default back to "Client". 

3) After registering your application, copy your app's Consumer Key and 
   Consumer Secret key into config/initializers/omniauth.rb.

3) Start your app. If you have not already created an administrator account,
   do so. If necessary, you can create an administrator account using the
   same Name as your Twitter account. Authorization#auth will create a 
   matching authorization record for your Administrator account, if the names match. 
   If your Twitter account uses a Name that is not already in your Users table,
   Authorizations#auth will create a new user with the name provided by 
   Twitter, and create a matching authorization for it, and then log you in. 

4) Once you've created an administrator account, signout of the application. 

5) From either the Login page or the front#index page, click the "Login with Twitter"
   (or browse to /auth/twitter). If you are not already logged
   in at Twitter, you will see the Twitter Log In page. After successful login,
   you will be returned to your application and OmniAuth will create a new user
   (with a Twitter authentication) and log you in. If you are already logged in
   at Twitter in the same browser, you will not see the Twitter Log In page, and
   will be immediately signed into the Hobo app. 

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