Ruby library to interact with FedEx Rate Web Service
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Fedex Rate Web Service

For more information visit Fedex Web Services for Shipping.

This version uses the Non-SOAP Web Services so there is no need to download the Fedex WSDL files, note however that you will need to apply for development/production credentials.

Note: This is work in progress make sure to test your results.


Rails 3.x using Bundler's Gemfile:

gem 'fedex'

Rails 2.x or without Rails or Bundler:

gem install fedex

Usage example:

Define the shipper:

shipper = { :name => "Sender",
            :company => "Company",
            :phone_number => "555-555-5555",
            :address => "Main Street",
            :city => "Harrison",
            :state => "AR",
            :postal_code => "72601",
            :country_code => "US" }

Define the recipient:

recipient = { :name => "Recipient",
              :company => "Company",
              :phone_number => "555-555-5555",
              :address => "Main Street",
              :city => "Franklin Park",
              :state => "IL",
              :postal_code => "60131",
              :country_code => "US",
              :residential => "false" }

Define the packages; multiple packages in a single shipment are allowed: Note that all the dimensions must be integers.

packages = []
packages << {
  :weight => {:units => "LB", :value => 2},
  :dimensions => {:length => 10, :width => 5, :height => 4, :units => "IN" }
packages << {
  :weight => {:units => "LB", :value => 6},
  :dimensions => {:length => 5, :width => 5, :height => 4, :units => "IN" }

By default packaging type is "YOUR PACKAGING" and the drop off type is "REGULAR PICKUP". If you need something different you can pass an extra hash for shipping details

shipping_details = {
  :packaging_type => "YOUR_PACKAGING",
  :drop_off_type => "REGULAR_PICKUP"

Create a Fedex::Shipment object using your FedEx credentials; mode should be either production or development depending on what Fedex environment you want to use.

require 'fedex'
fedex = => 'xxx',
                            :password => 'xxxx',
                            :account_number => 'xxxx',
                            :meter => 'xxx',
                            :mode => 'production')

** Getting Shipping Rates **

To find a shipping rate:

rate = fedex.rate(:shipper=>shipper,
                  :recipient => recipient,
                  :packages => packages,
                  :service_type => "FEDEX_GROUND",
                  :shipping_details => shipping_details)

Fedex provides multiple total values; total_net_charge is the final amount you are looking for.

    $ rate.total_net_charge => "34.03"
    # Complete response
    $ <Fedex::Rate:0x1019ba5f8
          @total_billing_weight="8.0 LB",

** Generate a shipping label(PDF) **

To create a label for a shipment:

label = fedex.label(:filename => "my_dir/example.pdf",
                    :recipient => recipient,
                    :packages => packages,
                    :service_type => "FEDEX_GROUND",
                    :shipping_details => shipping_details)

The label will be saved to the file system as the filename you specify and is Adobe PDF format. Note that you can currently print a label for a single package at a time.

Services/Options Available




Copyright 2011 Jazmin Schroeder

This gem is made available under the MIT license.