Laptop is a shell script that turns your Mac OS X laptop into an awesome development machine.
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Laptop is a script to set up your Max OS X laptop as a web development machine.


  • A C compiler, such as GCC, LLVM, or Clang.
  • X11
  • MySQL

Download a compiler from OS X GCC Installer if you're on Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6) or Command Line Tools for XCode if you're on Lion (OS X 10.7). Mountlion Lion users can download the Command Line Tools for Mountain Lion


Run the script:

curl -s | sh

What it sets up

  • SSH public key (for authenticating with services like Github and Heroku)
  • Homebrew (for managing operating system libraries)
  • Git
  • Git Flow
  • Ack (for finding things in files)
  • ImageMagick (for cropping and resizing images)
  • RVM (for managing versions of the Ruby programming language)
  • Ruby language (for writing general-purpose code)
  • Bunch of commonly used gems (Sass, Compass, Stitch etc...)
  • Coffeescript

It should take about 30 minutes for everything to install, depending on your machine.