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Svelte Headless Table

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Unopinionated and extensible data tables for Svelte

Build and design powerful datagrid experiences while retaining 100% control over styles and markup.

Visit the documentation for code examples and API reference, and get started with the quick start guide!

Why Svelte Headless Table?

Svelte Headless Table is designed to work seamlessly with Svelte. If you love Svelte, you will love Svelte Headless Table.

  • Full TypeScript support
  • Compatible with SvelteKit and SSR
  • Manage state with Svelte stores
  • Headless and fully customizable
  • Intuitive column-first declarative model
  • Highly performant
  • Feature-rich

All the features you could ever need!

Svelte Headless Table comes with an extensive suite of plugins.

Easily extend Svelte Headless Table with complex sorting, filtering, grouping, pagination, and much more.

Plugin roadmap


  const data = readable([
    { name: 'Ada Lovelace', age: 21 },
    { name: 'Barbara Liskov', age: 52 },
    { name: 'Richard Hamming', age: 38 },

  const table = createTable(data);

  const columns = table.createColumns([
      header: 'Name',
      accessor: 'name',
      header: 'Age',
      accessor: 'age',

  const {
  } = table.createViewModel(columns);

<table {...$tableAttrs}>
    {#each $headerRows as headerRow (}
      <Subscribe rowAttrs={headerRow.attrs()} let:rowAttrs>
        <tr {...rowAttrs}>
          {#each headerRow.cells as cell (}
            <Subscribe attrs={cell.attrs()} let:attrs>
              <th {...attrs}>
                <Render of={cell.render()} />
  <tbody {...$tableBodyAttrs}>
    {#each $rows as row (}
      <Subscribe rowAttrs={row.attrs()} let:rowAttrs>
        <tr {...rowAttrs}>
          {#each row.cells as cell (}
            <Subscribe attrs={cell.attrs()} let:attrs>
              <td {...attrs}>
                <Render of={cell.render()} />

For more complex examples with advanced features, visit the documentation site.