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A ROR application skeleton

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A ROR application skeleton for use in boostraping a new application on Heroku.

Setup is common Rails stuff, HAML, SASS, Twitter Bootstrap, SimpleFrom, Kaminari, etc. all integrated together, ie. SimpleForm and Kaminari are using Twitter Bootstrap styles.

Testing environment is all setup, using guard and spork to run RSpec, Rails, Cucumber, capybara, et al.

Uses a transparent Heroku configuration helper, described below.

Pre-configured for Dev, Test, Staging, and Production.

Template Version: 0.1.0

  • Ruby 1.9.3
  • Rails 3.2.4

To setup:

  • Setup your settings.yml file
  • Setup Devise
  • Setup CanCan

To develop on:

  • bundle exec guard will run rails and rspec (via Spork).
  • COVERAGE=true rake spec will run rspec and generate code coverage.
  • Currently all settings are accessed via ENV with the key uppercase, for easy use locally and on Heroku.
    • For example, if you specified a setting: airbrake_key: '12341234' it would be accessible via: ENV['AIRBRAKE_KEY']
    • Currently only single layer settings nested under their execution environments are supported
    • I will expand this later to allow for nested keys and a better way of accessing the keys (ie. not having to use ENV)

To deploy:

  • thor -T will allow you to automatically update Heroku configs with your environment variables from settings.yml
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